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Separacja.pl is a website providing general legal information about separation and divorce in Poland.

It deals with family law issues, including divorce, separation, custody, visitation, child support/maintenance contracts, property division and parental authority. Its aim is to help you find quick answers to basic questions concerning legal issues relating to divorce and separation. This is an essential guide for anyone considering a divorce or separation.

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  • definition of differences between separation and divorce

    definition of differences between separation and divorce

    This section provides some important separation and divorce information you need to know. Here you will find the definitions of divorce and separation as well as a description of the basic differences between them. It will help you to make the right decision.
  • separation without separation

    separation without separation

    Do you know that you can obtain most of the legal consequences of separation without a court judgment - you simply go to a notary
  • Costs of separation and divorce

    Costs of separation and divorce

    The following are the court fees and examples of divorce attorney fees:
  • attorney's assistance

    attorney's assistance

    In divorce or separation cases it is advisable to consult a qualified attorney.
  • separation - how is it handled in court?

    separation - how is it handled in court?

    There are two possible procedures: a simplified procedure, which is cheaper and faster, and the ordinary procedure, which might take as long as divorce and cost as much.
  • divorce - how is it handled in court?

    divorce - how is it handled in court?

    There is only one court procedure but there are ways to accelerate the proceedings.
  • effects of separation

    effects of separation

    What will you gain and what will you lose on the separation judgment.
  • consequences of divorce

    consequences of divorce

    What will you gain and what you will lose on the divorce decree.
  • maintenance


    When adjudicating a divorce, the court always decides on maintenance. What to do to make their height correct?
  • life decomposition wines

    life decomposition wines

    Do you know that in the entire search for a breakdown of life is really about money.
  • parental authority

    parental authority

    A case for divorce or separation is a good opportunity to regulate in detail the issues of parental responsibility. This will avoid any problems for the future.
  • contacts


    The court, deciding on the separation or divorce, usually decides on the place of residence of the child (with the mother or with the father) and on the contact with the child of the parent who does not live with him
  • property matters

    property matters

    Often the spouses live together after divorce or separation until the court ruled on the division of joint property. During the time of living together, they can use the house or flat on the basis of the so-called division into use determined by the court.
    Although in the case of separation or divorce, it is possible to divide the common property, but in practice it is possible only with the consent of both parties. This is due to the fact that the court, when examining a case for separation or divorce, may refuse to deal with the issue of the division of property if it would cause an excessive prolongation of the proceedings.
  • separation and divorce, the church marriage

    separation and divorce, the church marriage, and the so-called "church divorce"

    Do you know that after separation or divorce is decreed by the court, a marriage continues in effect in the light of canon law
  • international affairs

    international affairs

    A foreign divorce or separation judgment is effective in Poland, but sometimes it must be recognized in court

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Refusal of permission to divorce
In a judgment of 22 August 2018 (file reference number V ACa 589/17), the Court of Appeal in Katowice stated that the refusal to consent to divorce is contrary to the principles of social co-existence in a situation where there is no emotional bond between the spouses ...

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