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- a court judgment that causes a marriage to cease to exist.
See the consequences of divorce.


- a ruling or court judgment that in practice causes a marriage to cease to exist, but a new marriage can not be made.
See the effects of separation and the differences between separation and divorce.

Distribution of marital cohabitation

- means that the spouses do not connect the emotional bond first (they just do not love each other), secondly the physical bond (that is, they stopped physical contacts), and thirdly, the economic bond has ceased (ie, they do not live together, they do not run a family farm).
See the wine life distribution.


- in practice, means the monetary amount paid every month. The amount of maintenance may change depending on the needs of the entitled person as well as the earning and financial capacity of the person who has to pay maintenance.
See - the amount of child support.

Parental responsibility

- this is a collective definition of parents' duties and rights towards a child who are grouped into three elements - looking after a child (looking after a child), managing a child's property and representing a child. Parental authority may be limited, liquidated, suspended or otherwise changed only by the court.
See - parental authority in a matter of divorce or separation.


- Regardless of parental authority, parents and their child have the right and responsibility to maintain contacts with each other. Contacts with a child include, in particular, being with a child (visiting, meeting, taking a child outside his / her habitual residence) and direct communication, keeping correspondence, using other means of distance communication, including electronic means of communication.
See contact


Legal assistance

Legal advice is provided by lawyers specializing in family law.