In divorce or separation cases it is always best to consult a qualified attorney. The advantages you gain include:

  • at each stage of the process you can get answers to queries concerning legal aspects and the court procedure;
  • a professional lawyer will monitor the proceedings and you will be kept informed about progress;
  • you will not be left alone in court but have access to professional assistance of an attorney throughout the process;
  • a professional attorney will draft the petition and other pleadings for you;
  • you will not be taken by surprise by the actions of the other party, but you will be able to effectively defend yourself.


It is important to note that under the laws of Poland, in divorce and separation cases you may not be represented by just any lawyer. You may be only be represented by an adwokat (advocate) or radca prawny (legal adviser).

Scope of services

If you decide to seek help from a law office, you will be offered a range of services related to divorce and separation.

In some cases one-time consultation with an attorney is sufficient. You may also have a lawyer draft your petition or pleading. Sometimes it may be advisable to commission an analysis of the court file in order to prepare a proper course of action. However, in most cases the legal assistance sought by clients is full legal representation in court, which includes the drafting of a petition or pleading, receiving correspondence from court, representation at hearings, submitting motions as to evidence and raising defenses. If you are not satisfied with the judgment, you may want to engage a lawyer to lodge an appeal and represent you in the Court of Appeal.


Legal assistance

Legal advice is provided by lawyers specializing in family law.